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Everything you need for Galapagos Islands Trip Planning!

Detailed Galapagos Islands Information, from Galapagos Weather to Wildlife, Islands, Itineraries & Galapagos Travel Tips.

Galapagos Islands Travel Tips

Welcome to our Galapagos Islands Travel Guide. As a first step, we recommend investing time to do some general reading about the Galapagos Islands.

Check out our useful Galapagos Islands Information & Trip Planning Resources below.

How to get to Galapagos

how to get to galapagos by plane in sunset

Galapagos Islands Map

galapagos islands map visitor sites

Galapagos Weather Guide

galapagos tourist group hiking on fernandina island

Galapagos Islands Airports


Galapagos Islands Facts

galapagos-islands-facts-image of sealion and marine iguanas on beach

Galapagos Conservation

galapagos conservation - protection of sea turtles

Galapagos Packing List

packing list for april in galapagos

Galapagos Honeymoon

galapagos honeymoon lovers kiss at sunset

Galapagos Marine Reserve


Galapagos Vacation


Galapagos Dummies Guide

blue footed booby in the galapagos islands

Galapagos Islands Beaches


Galapagos Snorkeling

Galapagos snorkeling underwater with with school of fish

Which Island Galapagos

Which island galapagos? Discover the best islands to visit on your vacation

When is the Best Time to Go to Galapagos?


How to Travel Between Galapagos Islands

inter-island Galapagos Ferry service

Galapagos Islands Tours

Many people don’t realise that there are many different ways to visit the Galapagos Islands. From all-inclusive liveaboard cruises to personalised land tour itineraries, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Use the links below to learn more about each Galapagos tour type.

Galapagos Vacation: Cruise vs Land

how to visit galapagos -cruise ve land tour

Galapagos Cruising

Galapagos cruises best deals and tours for your galapagos islands vacations

Galapagos Land Tours


Diving in Galapagos


Galapagos Yacht Charters

galapagos charter cruise

Galapagos Islands Hotels


Islands Of Galapagos

An important part of Galapagos Trip Planning is to decide which islands you wish to visit. With 19 large islands, and 100+ islets or rocks, the archipelago is extensive.

Use our blog posts below to learn more about each Galapagos Island, including what to see & do on each one.

Santa Cruz

santa cruz galapagos lighthouse at Academy Bay Puerto Ayora

San Cristobal

tourist looking at Kicker Rock (leon dormido) san cristobal island Galapagos Islands


thumb sunset views from isabela island beach at puerto villamil galapagos


espanola island galapagos - sea lions sleep on a white sand beach


green hills and landscape of floreana island galapagos


brown lava landscape of santiago island galapagos


red footed booby sitting on a branch at Genovesa island galapagos

South Plaza

large opuntia cactus and bright red lichens on south plaza island galapagos

Santa Fe

Galapagos lava lizard does pushups on a rock


Bartolome island - a panoramic view of pinnacle rock and beach at the Galapagos islands


rabida red beach galapagos islands

Chinese Hat

chinese hat galapagos island with blue ocean and skies


Gardner bay galapagos beach espanola island - a tourist sunbathing with sea lions

North Seymour

golden colored galapagos land iguana with scales and claws


Large colony of black Galapagos marine iguanas huddle together under the sun for warmth at fernandina island


nazca booby bird sitting on rocks at Galapagos


beautiful aeriel image of Daphne Major island Galapagos with ship in background

Darwin & Wolf

school of galapagos hammerhead sharks

Galapagos Islands Towns

There are 3 principal towns at Galapagos for overnight stays.
Read more below to decide which one might be most to your liking.

Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz)

puerto ayora port galapagos islands

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (San Cristobal)

tourist posing at el junco lake san cristobal galapagos in the mist

Puerto Villamil (Isabela)

puerto villamil beach galapagos islands

Galapagos Wildlife

An indispenible section to any Galapagos Islands Travel Guide is the wildlife. The archipelago is home to a whole host of weird and wonderful creatures, from giant tortoises to tropical penguins.

Discover more about the iconic Galapagos birds and animals below. Careful Galapagos Trip planning is required if you are to spot all of the wildlife that you’d like.

Galapagos Animals

tourist takes photo of sea lion on pikaia lodge galapagos islands tour

Galapagos Birds

two frigate birds sitting in nest with red pouches galapagos islands

Galapagos Land Animals

Giant Tortoise

face closeup of galapagos tortoise

Land Iguana

A galapagos land iguana lies still on the sand with arms stretched out

Marine Iguana

Galapagos islands fact - how the marine iguana learned how to swim underwater like a torpedo with long tail

Pink Iguana

Galapagos pink iguana with black stripe markings on isabela island at galapagos

Lava Lizard

galapagos Lava lizard closeup of red head and black eye at the galapagos islands

Sally Lightfoot Crab

Bright red, yellow and blue shell of a Galapagos sally lightfoot crab contrast beautifully against black lava rock

Galapagos Racer Snake

Eastern galapagos racer snake sitting on lave rock

Sea Lion

blonde galapagos sea lion asleep on black lava rocks

Fur Seal

A galapagos fur seal taking a nap on the lava rocks

Galapagos Sea Birds

Blue Footed Booby

blue footed booby couple standing together at the galapagos islands

Waved Albatross

two galapagos albatross touch beaks during courtship at Suarez Point Espanola island

Red Footed Booby

Galapagos red footed booby building nest with twigs

Nazca Booby

nazca booby bird sitting on rocks at Galapagos

Frigate Bird

Galapagos Frigate bird puffs out his red throat pouch and spreads black wings in mating season

Galapagos Penguin

A galapagos penguin swimming underwater looking for fish

Red Billed Tropicbird

red billed tropicbird in flight at the galapagos islands with elegant tail streamer

Flightless Cormorant

Flightless cormorant at galapagos spreading his tiny stunted wings to dry on fernandina island

Swallow-tailed Gull

beautiful galapagos swallow tailed gull on white cliff ledge and sea backdrop

Lava Heron

A juvenile lava heron standing on black lava at the galapagos islands

Lava Gull

rare lava gull at the Galapagos islands perched on a rock

Galapagos Land Birds

Galapagos Flamingo

An adult Galapagos Flamingo feeding on shrimp on a Galapagos lagoon

Galapagos Hawk

Two Galapagos hawks perch together on a opuntia cactus plant with blue sky

Short-eared Owl

short eared Galapagos owl poses with large orange eyes


española island Hood mockingbird standing on white sand beach at Galapagos

Darwin Finch


Galapagos Dove

A pretty galapagos dove sitting on a rock

Galapagos Islands Marine Species


A spectacular galapagos stingray swimming in clear waters


a galapagos shark cruising the ocean


A humpback whales spectacularly breaching the ocean at galapagos

Sea Turtle

galapagos islands in july - green sea turtle swimming

Whale Shark

Galapagos whale shark viewed from above with diver

Scalloped Hammerhead

A Galapagos diver gets up close to a scalloped hammerhead sharkon the sea floor


Galapagos dolphins: a mother bottlenose swims with calf

Galapagos Fish

blacknosed butterfly fish Galapagos islands

Galapagos Geology & Volcanoes

The Galapagos Islands were born of fire. Even today the Galapagos hot-spot is one of the most volcanically active zones on the planet.

Let’s discover more about the explosive origin of the islands, and the volcanic visitor sites to add to your itinerary.

Galapagos Islands Volcanoes

Volcano La cumbre on fernandina island at galapagos

Sierra Negra Volcano

galapagos islands volcanoes with tourist in red top in sierra negra

Galapagos Islands History

Last but not least, there is a fascinating human history to be discovered during your Galapagos vacation. From the adventures of Charles Darwin to the mysterious disappearance of the Galapagos Baroness, there are many a tall tale to intrigue tourist visitors.

The Galapagos Affair

galapagos affair - the floreana baroness and two lovers

Charles Darwin at Galapagos

Portrait of Charles Darwin in old age with long white beard looking thoughtful

Galapagos Equator Traditions

galapagos islands traditions - a lareg sailing ship crossing the equator at sunset

Pirates at Galapagos

william dampier - a man who inspired charles darwin at galapagos


Our Galapagos Islands Travel Guide is designed as one-stop shop for Galapagos Islands information.

The Galapagos Islands Travel Tips section is the best place to start. This covers all of the basics to start trip planning.

We also have detailed information about Galapagos wildlife, islands, history, and geology. Reading everything would probably cause instant brain overload, so we recommend dipping in and out at leisure.

Did we miss anything? Just email to let us know. We strive to keep this page as up-to-date and comprehensive as possible.

Our team of Galapagos Experts is always on hand with helpful tips and advice, no matter the problem.


Galapagos Islands Trip Planning can be a confusing experience.

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