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Everything you need for Ecuador Trip Planning!

Detailed Ecuador Travel Information, from Weather to Wildlife, Destinations, Itineraries & Ecuador Travel Tips.

Ecuador Travel Tips

Welcome to our Ecuador Travel Guide. As a first step, we recommend investing some time to do general reading about travel in Ecuador.
Check out our useful Ecuador Information & Trip Planning Resources below.

Ecuador Travel Safety

ecuador is safe for travelers if you follow simple safety tips

Ecuador Currency


Ecuadorian Customs

ecuador customs - Bargaining etiquette at otavalo market

Tipping in Ecuador

tipping in ecuador and the galapagos islands

Ecuador Weather

landscape of modern buildings and green mountains of quito city in ecuador

Ecuador indigenous People


Books about Ecuador Travel

tourists reading a book to inspire travel to ecuador

Covid in Ecuador


Ecuadorian Cities

best cities in ecuador to visit

Amazon Packing List

include binoculars to your amazon jungle packing list

Galapagos Packing List

packing list for april in galapagos

Quito Weather

view of panecillo hill and virgin statue in quito ecuador

Quito Elevation

quito elevation and altitude - how high is quito ecuador?

Requirements for Travel to Ecuador

plane flight to galapagos

Ecuador Packing List

ecuador packing list - travel with everything you need

Ecuador Tours

Happy Gringo offers many different ways to visit the best Ecuador travel highlights. From pre-set tours to personalized Ecuador tour itineraries, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Use the links below to learn more about each Ecuador tour type and destination.

Ecuador Standard Tours

cotopaxi volcano in ecuador andes

Customized Ecuador Itineraries

tourist at quilotoa crater lake in ecuador

Day Tours From Quito

ecuador customs - Bargaining etiquette at otavalo market

Galapagos Islands Tours

galapagos marine iguanas together on beach

Amazon Rainforest Trips

ecuador amazon rainforest canoe ride guide with tourists

Cloud Forest Adventures

tourists enjoying ecuador canopy ziplining

Ecuador Birding Tours

toucan barbet bird in ecuador cloud forest

Ecuador Hotels

tourist outside a colonial hotel in old town quito ecuador

Ecuador Travel Destinations

An important part of Ecuador Travel Planning is to decide which destinations you wish to visit.
Use our blog posts below to learn more about some of the more popular places to visit in Ecuador, including what to see & do on each one.

Day Tours From Quito

chagra horse riders with dogs in cotpaxi national park ecuador

What to do in Quito

plaza grande quito city ecuador

Quito Old Town

Quito's Gothic style Basilica Church in the old town - Ecuador

What to do Guayaquil

colorful houses on santa ana hill in guayaquil ecuador

What to do Cuenca

blue domes and red brick of cuenca cathedral ecuador

Galapagos Travel Guide

Galapagos blue footed booby mother protects her white fluffy chick in the nest on espanola island

Yasuni National Park

Canoe ride black water lagoon yasuni national park

Ecuador Beaches

a surfer jumping from the waves at ayampe beach ecuador

Cotopaxi National Park

cotopaxi ecuador glowing at sunset with reflection in lake limpiopungo

Quilotoa Crater Lake

tourist with mules at quilotoa ecuador

Banos Town

ecuador banos pailon del diablo waterfall

Swing at the end of the world


Middle of the World Equator

Equator Monument, Middle of the World, mitad del mundo Ecuador

Chimborazo National Park

cute vicuna in front of chimborazo volcano in ecuador

Al Altar Trek

a happy trekker stretches out her arms in the rain at el altar volcano in ecuador

Antisana Reserve

two andean condors fly with antisana volcano backdrop in ecuador

Pululahua Reserve

tourists at ventanillas lookout pululahua quito ecuador

Ingapirca Ruins

ingapirca ruins at sunset, ecuador

El Cajas National Park

lakes and mountains el cajas national park ecuador

Ecuador Waterfalls

san rafael ecuador waterfall surrounded by green mountains

Spas in Ecuador

massage with tiebetan bowls baños ecuador spa

Tena Ecuador

lodge with a swimming at tena in ecuador

Ecuador Wildlife

An indispenible section to any Ecuador Travel Guide is the wildlife.
This mega-diverse country is home to an array of wonderful creatures, from alpacas to hummingbirds.

Galapagos Animals

galapagos animals facts - giant tortoise walking on san cristobal island

Galapagos Birds

Galapagos Frigate bird puffs out his red throat pouch and spreads black wings in mating season

Andean Condor

a large andean condor in ecuador shows off his white fur neck collar and sharp beak

Spectacled Andean Bear

andean-bear-on-a-tree-ecuador maquipucuna

Rainforest Jaguar

ecuador amazon rainforest jaguar sitting in the forest

Rainforest Monkeys

Amazon monkey species - a Squirrel Monkey mother carrying a baby on her back in Ecuador's rainforest

Ecuador Coastal Monkeys

Ecuador monkeys - a family of White headed Capuchin monkeys


alpaca close up in front of lake at el cajas national park ecuador

Ecuador Whale-watching

humpback whale season puerto lopez ecuador pacific coast

Ecuador bird-watching

Two hummingbirds sit together on a branch, Tandayapa, Ecuador

Ecuador Food & Drink

A big part of any vacation is the opportunity to try new dishes and cuisine as you travel. Discover new tastes, flavors, and delicacies.

Ecuador Food Culture

fresh dish at ceviche de guapulo restaurant quito

Ecuadorian Coffee

barista preparing a cup of ecuadorian coffee

Quito Food

traditional food of roast pork and llapingachos at pims restaurant quito

Craft Beer in Ecuador


Ecuadorian Drinks

typical ecuador food and drinks colada morada

Medicinal Plants in Ecuador

Coca plant leaves have medicinal properties

Ecuadorian Chocolates

bars of mashpi organic chocolate ecuador

Vegan Quito

formosa restaurant serves vegan and vegeterian food in quito

Comfort Food in Quito


Ecuador Festivals

Last but not least, Ecuador has a great variety of national and local festivals to enjoy. Not only are these celebrations colorful and fun, they’re also a perfect opportunity to meet and join in with the locals.

Inti Raymi

inti raymi ecuador celebrations with guitar music

Pakwar Raymi

children dressed in ponchos and hats for pawkar raymi festival in ecuador

New Years in Ecuador

ecuador new years fireworks in guayaquil

Semana Santa (Holy Week)

ecuador semana santa holy week parade

Day of the Dead

colada morada and guaguas de pan on ecuador day of the dead (dia de los defuntos)

Fiestas de Quito

colorful ecuador festivals and parties

Festival of Light

impressive lights on san francisco monstary facade during quito festival of light


guaranda town has the most popular ecuador carnival celebrations

Battle of Pichincha

24th may battle of pichincha ecuador - patriot army leads a charge on pichincha volcano

Traditional Ecuador Festivals & Celebrations



Our Ecuador Travel Guide is designed as one-stop shop for Ecuador Trip planning information.

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