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Why Ecuador is the perfect place for bird lovers!

Ecuador is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots for birding, due to its wide variety of different habitats and microclimates.

Nowhere else is it so easy to encounter such diversity of bird species in such a small-sized country, including many endemics. In fact, often we only have to drive 1-2 hours to change from the Choco bioregion to Temperate dry forest, to Amazon foothills for a completely different Ecuador birding experience.

With over 1640 possible bird species packed into a country the same size as Wyoming, Ecuador is a true bird-lover’s paradise!

Our popular Ecuador Birding Tours

You can also ask us to PERSONALISE a unique birding itinerary just for you, based on your budget & specific birding interests or targets.

Ecuador Birding: Antisana Daytour

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Ecuador Birding: Choco highlands & Slopes

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Ecuador Birding: Southern Highlights

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Ecuador Birding: Amazon & Cloudforest

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What to expect on our Ecuador Birding tours


Comfortable lodging


Experienced birding guides


The best birding Reserves


Typically spot 300-500+ species in 1 week

hummingbird at feeder in ecuador

Great diversity of hummingbirds


Many fascinating endemics

Some of the Principal Ecuador bird families that you can find on our tours:

Quetzals and trogon

Tanagers and warbles

Woodcreeper and ovenbirds



Barbets and toucans


Hawks and birds of prey




Potoos and nightjars

And some favorite bird species of our past clients:

Andean cock of the rock

Long wattled umbrellabird

Jocotoco antpitta

Andean condor

Sword billed hummingbird

San Isidro Owl

Golden headed quetzal

Rufous bellied seedsnipe

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