Galapagos Islands Interactive Map


How to Use Our Interactive Galapagos Islands Map?

This interactive google map was created to showcase the different Galapagos National Park Visitor Sites.

We’ve included all landing points that can be visited on Galapagos cruise itineraries. This interactive tool is valuable for Galapagos trip planning, in order to compare different itineraries.

How to use this map to learn more about each Galapagos Visitor Site?

Just click on any arrow to discover:

  • Name of the visitor site.
  • A brief description.
  • Landing type (wet or dry).
  • Activities that visitors can enjoy there.
  • Wildlife highlights that can be seen.
  • A blog weblink for more information about the Galapagos Island.

Contact us if you have any further questions about Galapagos National Park visitor sites or Galapagos travel itineraries. Our experienced Galapagos destination experts will be happy to assist.