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April 20, 2021

Fun Facts About Galapagos Marine Iguanas

Galapagos Marine Iguanas are endemic to the Galapagos Islands, having the ability to sustain themselves on land and in the sea. The reptile is found in many places in the archipelago
April 15, 2021
fun facts about galapagos penguins

Fun Facts About Galapagos Penguins

One fun activity that travellers who visit the Galapagos can do is swim or snorkel with penguins. The Galapagos penguin is one of the smallest in the world, and the only one of its species found north of the equator.
February 26, 2021
a giant galapagos tortoise eating green grass and shrubs at the galapagos islands

Galapapos Tortoise – The Story Behind These Gentle Giants

February 19, 2021
thumb aerial view of mother and calf blue whales swimming at the galapagos islands

Blue Whales in the Galapagos Islands

February 19, 2021
thumb short-finned pilot whale swimming with calf at the galapagos islands

Short-finned Pilot Whales in the Galapagos Islands

January 19, 2021
Galapagos lava gull in flight

Lava Gull – Galapagos Islands

October 6, 2020
a large galapagos shark

Galapagos Shark – Galapagos Islands

October 5, 2020
Galapagos Nazca booby sitting alone on black lava cliff with white and black plumage and orange beak

Nazca Booby – Galapagos Islands

September 29, 2020
thumb Galapagos blue footed booby bird in funny pose with blue foot raised up to bent over head

Blue Footed Booby – Galapagos Islands