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Galapagos Islands Hotels

An overnight stay at a Galapagos hotel is the perfect way to add flexibility and freedom to your vacation. We offer all of the very best Galapagos hotels on each island, something for every trip style & budget.

Galapagos Islands Hotel Packages


The easiest way to explore Galapagos, from the comfort of a hotel on Santa Cruz Island, with excursions and meals included.

What is a Galapagos Islands hotel package?

  • You are based in the same hotel each night of the trip, on the central island of Santa Cruz. So no hassle of changing hotels in the middle of your vacation.
  • Daily trips are made to Galapagos National Park visitor sites, with an English-speaking naturalist guide. This includes both land tours to sites on Santa Cruz, and boat tours to other nearby islands.
  • Activities on the day trips include trekking, wildlife viewing and snorkeling / swimming.
  • Galapagos hotel packages are all inclusive, so accommodation, meals, transfers, activities & visits are all taken care of.

Is a Galapagos hotel package the right choice for me?

  • The big advantage of Galapagos hotel-based packages is the stability of staying in one place, so no stressful long journeys or re-packing of cases.
  • Galapagos hotel packages are a very easy way to experience the Galapagos Islands; an ideal choice if you want a relaxing vacation, are travelling with kids.
  • A great option if you suffer from sea-sickness. You can still see plenty of what the Galapagos Islands have to offer, with a minimum of time spent on the water. The only boat you will see is for day tours to nearby islands.
  • Santa Cruz is the perfect spot to enjoy free-time between day tours, giving easy access to the boutiques, bars & restaurants of Puerto Ayora.
  • The downside of Galapagos Hotel Packages is that you can only visit National Park sites close to Santa Cruz island, so you are limited to a sample of the overall biodiversity at the archipelago. Galapagos cruises are a better tour option if you wish to see a more complete view of the islands.