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    Our philosophy is simple: to provide the ultimate travel experience in Ecuador & Galapagos, and to bring fun and smiles to your trip here! No hassles, no worries!!!
    A travel company run by passionate travelers for like-minded clients.


Know more about John

  • John is the original founder of Happy Gringo
  • He is from London UK and has over 16 years of travel and work experience within Latin America
  • He Holds both BA (hons) and M.Sc. degrees in business and management from UK universities.
  • John´s biggest passion in life is travel, having had the pleasure to visit more than 75 different countries worldwide
  • In his spare time he loves football & sports, reading and spending time in nature.


Company President

Know more about Eva

  • Eva is from Holland and is the joint owner of Happy Gringo
  • She speaks fluent Dutch, English & Spanish as well as a good working level of German.
  • She holds a degree in Anthropology with a specialization in Ecuadorian culture, and also an MBA.
  • Eva is also responsible for maintaining the excellent sales service of Happy Gringo
  • Eva has lived in Ecuador for the past 13 years and has two mischievous young daughters.


General Manager


Know more about Sebastian

  • Sebastian graduated in Switzerland as a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality with Sales and Marketing. He previously worked at Happy Gringo for almost 4 years, and worked in different industries, when he decided to come back to its home. Sebastian loves traveling, both locally and internationally, with over 15 countries visited so far, and many trips to the Galapagos, he enjoys people that want to visit South America, and to help his passengers get a lifetime experience that they will treasure for their entire lives.
  • Hij houdt van voetballen en kijken, maar ook van videogames, films kijken en lezen. Hij beschouwt zichzelf als een N°1 Harry Potter-fan, een gefrustreerde gamer en heeft 3 huisdieren. Een kat genaamd Sr Kato en 2 honden, een Samojeed genaamd Mike en Pelusa.


Sales Supervisor

Know more about Gabriela

  • Gaby was born in Quito – Ecuador, and earned herself a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts and Food & Beverage Management.
  • She has been working in tourism for over 6 years now, and enjoys travel thanks to the attitude:
  • “how can anyone not take advantage of the wonderful country you were born in?”.
  • She feels that through her sales she can best promote Ecuador and the experiences that it offers.
  • Gaby has a passion for traveling and cooking, always trying to find the most beautiful countries to visit and the most varied and strange places to eat, from popular markets to Michelin awarded restaurants.
  • She considers herself to be a citizen of the world, a dog lover, a hard worker, and a self-sufficient happy woman.


Sales Expert

Meer weten over Viviana

  • Viviana studied Tourism and Environmental Preservation, and will soon obtain her Masters degree.
  • She is extremely proud to have been born in Ecuador, "this little but amazing country!". Working in tourism is her dream because it is an economic sector that plays such an important role in the country. She also loves to see a big smile on the face of foreign tourists, and provide good memories for a lifetime.
  • Vivi has always taken an active interest in nature, especially animals and mountains. "Nature is so full of energy, and it helps me to disconnect a little from my routine". She loves adventure sports such as cycling and climbing, and also enjoys exploring rural communities, many of which need support to live from eco-tourism.
  • Some years ago Viviana set off as a backpacker through South America. "It was a really eye-opening and cool experience for me. I met so many people from different countries and  coudl share with different cultures."
  • Vivi also spends spare time reading, and occasionally helps as a radio broadcaster for a tourism program on digital radio.


Sales Expert


Know more about Natalia

  • Natalia joined the Happy Gringo team in December 2010 to work as an Accounts Assistant.
  • She enjoys music and sport, and above all loves to share new experiences with her young daughter.


HR Supervisor

Know more about David

  • David graduated in tourism at the Central University of Quito
  • He has been working in Happy Gringo since 2008 and loves his job.
  • His responsibilities are divided between operations tasks and invoicing.
  • David is a huge fan of football and supports Barcelona from the coast of Ecuador; he also enjoys nature and music.




Know more about Pamela

  • Pamela is a Student of Graphic Design.
  • Her goal since joining Happy Gringo is to help in all the graphic and publicity area
  • She enjoys spending time playing the piano, traveling and making music.
  • One of her goals is to travel as many countries as she possibly can.


Design & Adverting


Know more about Valeria

Valeria has 15 years of experience working in tourism in Ecuador and is very proud of her roots from Puyo, deep in the Amazon area of Ecuador. Valeria is the person to thank for the smooth-running organization of our trips. She loves sharing time with her pets and her hobbies are traveling, reading and doing yoga.



Beste klanten,

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