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August 14, 2020

Whitetip Reef Shark – Galapagos Islands

The Whitetip Reef Shark is the most common shark species found at the Galapagos Islands. If you ever wanted to snorkel with sharks, then these small
August 13, 2020

Red Footed Booby – Galapagos Islands

The Red Footed Booby is the smallest, but fastest of the Galapagos Booby species. Easily recognised by their tell-tale bright red feet, and pale blue beaks
August 13, 2020

Waved Albatross – Galapagos Islands

August 12, 2020

Bryde’s Whales at the Galapagos Islands

August 12, 2020

Minke Whales at the Galapagos Islands

August 11, 2020

Humpback Whales at the Galapagos Islands

Humpbacks can be spotted throughout the open waters of Galapagos, but the best place for whale watching is in the Bolivar Channel between
August 7, 2020

Galapagos Flamingo – Galapagos Islands

Tourists are often amazed to find flamingos at the Galapagos Islands. And yet here they are, another unexpected surprise for your Galapagos trip.
August 7, 2020

Galapagos Sea Lion – Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Sea Lion is one of the stars of the show at Galapagos - snorkeling with these friendly animals is an unforgettable vacation highlight!
August 6, 2020
galapagos in january - marine iguanas change color to attract a mate

Galapagos Marine Iguana – Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Marine Iguana is one of the more curious creatures found at the Galapagos Islands. It is the only lizard in the world to have learn